About me

K E O'Connor author of The School of Exorcists YA novels

I'm K.E. O'Connor, and I love to write, make up new worlds, new possibilities and characters and share stories for others to enjoy.

I am a novelist and short story writer, writing in a number of genres, including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA paranormal adventure and paranormal cozy mystery.

My writing has mystery, adventure and excitement and some romance thrown in to make things even more stimulating. I'm an indie author on a learning curve to create quality fiction, quickly, without sending out error ridden books into the world.

The writing I do aims to excite and inspire readers and writers. I love reading anything that quickens my pulse and makes me fall in love with the characters (or hate them - all intense emotions are welcome.) My writing tries to do the same. I have created four series; The School of Exorcists (YA paranormal adventure and romance), Ghost Academy (YA paranormal adventure), Heir Hunters (adult urban fantasy), Zee Town, Old Sarum, and Lorna Shadow (all paranormal cozy mystery.)

If you want a free taste of my School of Exorcists series, you can follow the magical journey of Ruby Carmichael, a girl who see ghosts, has the tricky problem of stopping her parents from destroying the world and must save herself from a love that may ultimately destroy her. Click on the links below to get the first book in the series, Initiation, for free.

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When I'm not designing new stories or characters for readers to enjoy, you can find me enjoying time with a good book or five, trying to defeat dance games on the XBox, walking along the beautiful Devon coastline, watching anything sci-fi or cosy crime related on the TV (Sanctuary anyone) or simply kicking back on the couch and daydreaming - also called meditation.

If you've got to know more, read on.

- I love rock and metal music, love it forever, especially strong, gravely male voices - so sexy. An amazing guitar solo gives me goose bumps, and I could listen to High Hopes by Pink Floyd for the rest of my life and never get bored of it

- I am part Essex girl, part Irish - the deathly pale skin may have given you a hint. I rarely tan but get the occasional freckle. Fake tan makes me look strange, and I like the colour black, but it makes me look like the living dead

- I long to be able to play the guitar, but the effort of learning chords defeats me every time I pick up my guitar. He sits in the corner of my bedroom and frowns at me for failing to stroke him, yet again

- My role model is Tina Fey, but people say I'm more like Tamsin Grieg (I'll take it, she's extremely talented)

- I get so lost in reading great writing that I sometimes forget to eat and it's not until I get faint that I notice something is wrong. My longest binge read was ten hours

- A man reading an actual book (not an e-book) is just about the sexiest thing ever. There's a guy who walks down my road every day, reading a book. I'm obsessed with him, it's so hot. Add a pair of cute glasses and a jumper and I'd be in heaven

- I watched Nightmare on Elm street when I was far too young (maybe 10), and spent most of my childhood convinced Freddie Krueger lived in the wardrobe under my cabin bed​

- I'm passionate about animal welfare, so much so, that I no longer eat animals or their products - my diet is plants, plants and more plants, with the occasional slab of Green & Black's chocolate along the way (I have a dream of running an animal sanctuary for animals who've escaped from factory farms)​

- I'd love a dog or three, but make do with volunteering at a local animal rescue centre, walking the unloved pooches of this world. I love mud, picking up poop, and slobber, so I fit in perfectly!

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