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Escape into a magical world, full of adventure, ghosts, cursed love and more! Follow Ruby Carmichael and the rest of the students at the School of Exorcists, as they face dark magic, demons and danger.

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YA paranormal romance and adventure

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​Find out what readers have to say about the School of Exorcists:

"The story is compelling and gripping, some might say Hogwarts for Exorcists but it’s way more than that. The characters are colourful and the dialogue flows perfectly."

"Exciting, intense and a great read."

"I really felt I was part of the school, it had me gripped from the very first sentence."

"Wish I'd gone to this place instead of my own school. Magic, loads of good looking guys and the chance to save the world! Yes please."

"A world full of power and magic, so believable, I wish I was a Sender, too, well, at least for a day."

"I love stories about people finding their place in new worlds that they didn’t know about, and this story had just that."

"A magical world within our world, with a great setting to go along with it."

​"I would highly recommend this book."