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I have put together the top five questions I get asked about my books and writing life:

.Where do you get your ideas from?

Life and all its amazing weirdness! The idea for The School of Exorcists began over ten years ago, when I read an article about the Catholic church sending priests off to train as exorcists. The idea stuck in my head and became mixed up in the worlds of Harry Potter and Twilight and the Hunger Games, until the characters emerged and Ruby's story began.

Can you read/review my book?

I love to read a good book, and am happy to get your recommendations on new writing (and old) but I'm no editor and couldn't be trusted to give decent feedback. My advice would be to join a writing group, I'm part of three virtual groups and we meet and exchange stories and give feedback to each other. It's a great way to get support and make progress with your work. 

Do you give talks/book signings?

I am your classic introverted writer. I love people but they exhaust me, and large crowds can take my breath away with all their energy. Saying that I used to give talks to big groups when I was an employee of a big company and got a buzz out of them, so it's not out of the question. I tend to stay local with any talks I give - but if someone wanted to pay for me to go to the Cayman Islands and give a speech or two, I'd be tempted.  I'd sign books, but so far they're only e-books, so that might be a problem.

Will The School of Exorcists be made into a film?

In my dreams it already has been, and you can check out my Pinterest board to see who I'd like to play the main characters! I'd love to see the books made into films, it would be an amazing experience and to see someone else's vision for the world of The School of Exorcists would fascinate me. What can I say, I'm open to offers and my subscribers will be the first to know if this happens.

How can I become a writer?

Write every day, read every day, never give up, follow your passion to the grave. Writing must be in your heart and you must love it, even when you can't think of a thing to write and everything you read over sounds awful. Never give up. I wasted years in jobs I tolerated because I thought I wasn't good enough to write books. I know looking back is not a good thing to do, but I really wish I'd just carried on with my passion for writing and ignored all the warnings about how hard writing is. Yes, it's take work, it takes persistence and you have to be able to market your writing as well as write a gripping story, but just do it. If you love writing, if your stories plague your dreams and your characters talk to you and won't leave you alone, write, write, write. Share your work, enter competitions, join writing groups and stay focused on your work. Every day that you write, it gets you closer to getting your work noticed and enjoyed by others.

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