Ghost Academy Series

This four book YA paranormal adventure series follows four newly recruited ghosts, Lauren, Charlie, Esmee and Alex as they discover there is much more to life than death.

Follow their adventures as they resolve mysteries left behind in their lives and face up to new, and potentially deadly challenges in their new roles as defenders of humanity.

Meet the ghost hunters, intent on capturing and experimenting on the Academy's ghosts, the Deviants, renegade ghosts with a whole different idea about how they should live alongside the living and rogue ghosts.

Discover how the four new recruits will fare at the Ghost Academy in this series, watch them learn and grow, and ultimately discover who will be left to graduate from the Academy at the end of their training. 

Ghost Academy: Complete Box Set

young adult paranormal book author K E O'Connor

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That's almost 700 pages of ghosts, mystery, adventures and scheming Deviants to keep you entertained as you join Lauren, Esmee, Alex and Charlie in their struggles to survive in their new (after) life.​

Do you dare enter the Ghost Academy?​

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Chosen: Ghost Academy - Book One

YA paranormal adventure novel

Enrolment at Ghost Academy is now open; where death is just the beginning of life.

Behind the doors of Ghost Academy, four recently deceased teenagers discover there's more learning to do, lives to save and life (or death) decisions to be made.

Lauren has a murder to solve; her own.

Alex and Esmee struggle to overcome the standards set for them whilst alive as they discover love is no easy ride when you're a ghost.

Charlie must face up to an all consuming addiction, or lose everything he has just been given.

Offered a second chance at the Ghost Academy, Lauren, Alex, Esmee and Charlie battle against Deviant ghosts, hunters intent on catching a ghost of their own, and their own internal struggles.

Will this new life finally be the death of them?

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Recall: Ghost Academy - Book Two

A routine assignment goes wrong; loyalties are divided, abilities tested and loved ones put at risk.

Recall, book two in the Ghost Academy series, brings new adventures for Lauren, Esmee, Charlie and Alex.

Lauren is still struggling to come to terms with her death, and no nearer to finding out who killed her. Esmee and Alex continue to bicker like an old married couple, whilst ignoring their true feelings, and Charlie faces a real test of his portal addiction.

In Recall, what should have been an easy task for the new Ghost Academy recruits, results in Lauren abandoning her friends and fleeing home. Faced with her mum’s bullying boyfriend, things go horribly wrong, and Lauren has an important choice to make.

New opportunities present themselves to Lauren in the form of the Deviants, a troublesome band of ghosts, intent on disrupting the portals and claiming Lauren as one of their own.

Everyone’s skills are tested when the ghost portal at the Academy malfunctions and Lauren risks losing everyone she has come to love as she fights to free them from the portal.

Shield: Ghost Academy - Book Three

Loyalties are tested, trust is broken and orders disobeyed in this latest adventure.

Lauren, Charlie, Esmee and Alex develop new skills as Angelics, destined to protect vulnerable humans. However, when Charlie receives some worrying news about his family, he has a difficult decision to make, one that could ruin their latest assignment.

The Deviants continue to cause problems for Lauren and the Academy, and she is faced with additional trouble from ghost hunters, who capture two of her team mates. What is she prepared to sacrifice to get them back?

Fighting to protect not only the family she left behind when she was killed but also her new family at the Ghost Academy, Lauren struggles to cope.

Everything changes when two of the students are forced to leave the Academy. How will they make it without the protection of the Academy and will they ever be able to return?

Exile: Ghost Academy - Book Four

Exile YA paranormal book

Life changing decisions for the Academy students, a shocking discovery at the Deviants and a portal meltdown that threatens the very future of Ghost Academy.

Exile, book four in this exciting YA paranormal adventure is full of mystery and resolutions as the four students, Lauren, Charlie, Alex and Esmee learn their fate. Will everyone survive as ghosts?

Lauren discovers who killed her, the Academy decides whether Lauren and Charlie have a future as ghosts, and a revelation at the Deviants changes things forever.

The Academy also faces a dangerous portal malfunction that threatens the future of their work and students and teachers must come together or face destruction.

Follow the students on one final adventure and see if they will make it to graduation or whether their time as ghosts has come to an end.