Heir Hunters Series

Gremlin Swayed - Heir Hunters Prequel Novella

K E O'Connor author urban fantasy novels

Dead supernaturals can be lethal!

Enter the world of supernatural heir hunting and meet Macie Thackery as she takes on her first gremlin, while investigating a murder and figuring out how involved she wants to be in this crazy, dangerous world!​

Hosting supernatural energy is not for the faint hearted!

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Blood Hunted - Heir Hunters, book 1

K.E. O'Connor adult urban fantasy novel

Her supernatural ability could be the death of her…

Macie is grieving the loss of her father and facing a deadly challenge; a powerful vampire has died and she has to host her.

Blood Hunted is book 1 in the Heir Hunters series, featuring Macie Thackery, Sarah Greenburg, a powerful witch and Damien Rule, Macie’s usually trusty vampire sidekick.

Macie needs to step up to the challenge of hosting this dangerous vampire. Will she survive this case and successfully keep Heir Hunters running?

If you love urban fantasy, a hint of romance, and fast-paced supernatural action and mystery, then you’ll love Blood Hunted.

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Witch Bound - Heir Hunters, book 2

K E O'Connor author adult urban fantasy novel

Something dark and wicked this way comes…

Macie takes on a dark witch’s energy, and struggles for control as she makes difficult choices involving loved ones, old and new.

Witch Bound is book 2 in the Heir Hunters series, featuring powerful dark magic users, a dangerous ghoul who needs to be contained, and a tricky new relationship with a talented half-vampire to manage.

Friendships are also tested as Macie’s best friend loses herself in magic, and Macie struggles to keep Heir Hunters together as her networks unravel.

Macie must choose between family loyalty and love in this fast-paced urban fantasy.

If you enjoy supernatural adventure, action and tangled romance, you will love Witch Bound.

Wolf Marked - Heir Hunters, book 3

K.E. O'Connor author urban fantasy vampires and supernatural adventures

A werewolf has been murdered, his power needs transferring, and it’s almost a full moon.

Macie Thackery is torn between her safety and assisting those in need, in Wolf Marked, book three in the Heir Hunters urban fantasy series.

Defying her concerns, she helps the local werewolf pack, taking on a werewolf’s abilities with only five days until the moon becomes full. What should be a straightforward transfer is complicated by a missing inheritor, and it’s a race against time to find him before the power of the werewolf consumes Macie.

But something darker awaits our heir hunter; her missing dad is captured, and what remains of him is terrifying and out of control. Can she save him, and should she even try?

Alone, with her friends away and her boyfriend abandoning her, will Macie survive her brush with the werewolves and a dark supernatural ability that could change her life forever?

Goblin Feud - Heir Hunters, book 4

K E O'Connor author urban fantasy book goblins vampires shifters

A goblin prince is dead and Heir Hunters is at risk of closure.

Goblin Feud tests Macie to the limit as she struggles to keep her family together, the business open and her relationships on track.

She also faces a life changing event when a loved one returns. But he is different, darker and potentially lethal. How will Macie keep herself safe and support the people she cares about most?

Will the goblins get the better of Macie or will Heir Hunters go on to fight another day?