Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mysteries

cozy ghost mystery K E O'Connor author

A new job. A haunted house. A ghost with a problem.

When Lorna Shadow arrives at her new job, as personal assistant to the wealthy Lord Galbraith, she discovers a lot more than old fashioned manners and paperwork. A ghost is haunting the house and she’s not happy.

Lorna has a skill she never puts on her CV. She can see ghosts. And they see her and won’t leave her alone until she’s helped them.

Little does Lorna know, her efforts to help this ghost will put her own life at risk.

The ghost at the manor house, Beatrice Galbraith, led a quiet life, secluded in the family estate, with her beloved dogs for company, her eccentric brother, and his frosty wife. But that didn’t stop someone seeking Beatrice out and ending her life.

Accompanied by her best friend, Helen Holiday, and her even more faithful dog, Flipper, Lorna needs to solve the murder and help Beatrice find peace, while making sure the killer doesn’t decide she’s causing too much trouble!

Follow Lorna, Helen, and Flipper in this fun cozy ghost mystery as they work through the suspects and make the shocking discovery of who killed Beatrice Galbraith.

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cozy ghost mystery book K E O'Connor

A troubled ghost. A house full of suspects, and a mystery that needs solving.

Lorna Shadow is back in a new ghost mystery. Joined by her best friend Helen, and her faithful dog, Flipper, Lorna must deal with Archie Musgrave, a stubborn ghost who doesn't believe his death was an accident.

As Lorna investigates, the list of suspects grows long, and the ghost becomes increasingly agitated.

When Archie's widow is almost killed, Lorna must act fast to stop anyone else from dying.

Follow Lorna in this fun, cozy ghost mystery, as she unmasks the killer and Archie gets the justice he deserves.

Cozy paranormal ghost mystery book

The sound of ghostly laughter. An unsolved disappearance. And an ectoplasmic experience!

Lorna Shadow is starting a new job, and hopeful this one will be permanent. But she isn't in the house for long before the ghosts arrive, and bring a tragic secret with them.

With Zach working away and concerned about her safety with so many ghosts around, Lorna must rely on Helen and Flipper to help her with this puzzle. How are the ghosts connected, and what do they know about how they died?

Lorna must find out and help to heal a grieving household; a household with plenty of skeletons in the closets.

This is the third book in the series. It features adventure, ghostly mystery, and a whole lot of clean fun. Join Lorna, Flipper, her faithful dog, and the ever ditzy Helen, as they try to keep their places in the household, and help the ghosts find peace.

paranormal cozy mystery novel K.E. O'Connor

A house full of secrets. Two restless ghosts. A mystery to solve.

Lorna Shadow starts a new job under the frosty glare of her old fashioned employer, Lady Camilla.

Having to fight off the unwanted attentions of a sleazy handyman and a spoiled son might be bad enough, but then two ghosts appear, and Lorna has their murders to solve.

Helped by best friend Helen, who gets a taste of love (but not for long) and her furry best friend, Flipper, Lorna needs to help the ghosts and keep her demanding employer content.

Lorna is also faced with a personal dilemma with Zach. Can she keep him and the ghosts happy? If anyone can, it's Lorna!

Ghostly Affairs is book four in the Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery series. There's plenty of mystery to be had, ghosts to help, and suspects to question in this fun, clean mystery read.

Ghostly Business cozy ghost mystery series K.E. O'Connor

A haunted castle full of suspects and an eccentric ghost who refuses to rest. Lorna Shadow has a challenge this time!

Lorna is excited, and little nervous, about starting a new job at Gilllan Castle, rumored to be the most haunted place in the country. But when her first day reveals the ghost of eccentric former owner Leo Babbington, she must help him to figure out who killed him and why they did it.

Leo's beloved cat sanctuary is also under threat, with his widow threatening to have them all removed, and Lorna refuses to abandon the unloved furballs.

With Lorna fighting to help Leo, save the cats, and make sure Zach and their house hunting doesn't get forgotten, she has a fight on her hands!

Join Lorna, Flipper, and Helen in this new cozy ghost mystery and puzzle through the many suspects lurking in the castle before discovering who killed Leo and whether the cats will be saved.

cozy mystery series K.E. O'Connor

Dark deeds. Missing gold. A ghost with twenty-five million secrets!

Lorna Shadow, Helen, and Flipper arrive at their new posting to find a family in mourning and a ghost with an attitude.

When Lorna discovers the family is full of 'reformed' criminals, she must watch her step to avoid getting her first pair of concrete boots as she figures out who killed Lonnie Cornell and where he hid the stolen gold.

With a new house to pay for, Lorna can't afford to lose this job, but will the stubborn ghost, eerie feelings, and menacing suspects be too much to handle?

Enjoy this fun-filled cozy ghost mystery. Meet a feisty grandma and her fearless dog, Reggie, puzzle through the clues, and discover the murderer and help the ghost.

lorna shadow cozy ghost mystery k.e. o'connor author

A watery death. A ghost with four legs and a tail. And a heap of suspects!

Lorna Shadow, Helen, and Flipper have only just begun to enjoy life in their new house with Zach, Jessie the dog, and Gunner, when a job offer arrives and they head off for work in the glorious county of Cornwall. When they arrive, they find an exhausted widow, a sneaky assistant, a mistress, and a mysterious death on their hands.

When Lorna discovers the death of Blake Carlisle was anything but accidental, she must tread carefully to discover exactly what happened to him. Was his affair with a younger woman the cause of his death? Or did a family member want him out of the way to lay claim to the family fortune? And who decided it would be fun to shove Lorna off a yacht and into the sea?

With trouble brewing at home, and a possible marriage proposal on the cards, Lorna has a lot to think about. Not forgetting Helen's 'secret' relationship and figuring out why poor Flipper keeps getting so sick.

Enjoy this fun-filled cozy ghost mystery. Meet a friendly ghost dog and puzzle through the clues to discover the murderer and help the ghost find justice.

Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery series

Death by armed drone. A ghost with a bad case of the blues. Some cute pigs with a naughty side!

Lorna Shadow, Helen, and Flipper arrive at their jobs with the newly made millionaire, Alex Hudson. They soon find an overbearing mother, a goth sister, and a spooky computer gamer.

The house is haunted by the sad-faced best friend of Alex, Greg Firth. Just like Alex, he was a computer genius and a loner. Did that genius get him killed?

Lorna meets the unpleasant Piers, who not only insults Helen but has a serious attitude problem when it comes to the ghost. Did he hate Greg enough to kill him?

Then there’s Alex’s ‘girlfriend’ Harriet. Not only does she lock lips with anyone who might buy her a diamond, but she has designs on becoming the first Mrs. Alex Hudson. Did Greg put a spanner in that romantic plan?

And what about Alex’s spiky, gothic sister, Eva? With a habit of sneaking around and eavesdropping, did she hear something she didn’t like or was her unrequited love for Greg too much for her to handle, and she snapped?

Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery book

A mysterious car crash. A house full of ghost animals. A medium with a large problem.

Lorna has had enough! With her own house haunted by a stubborn ghost, she decides to take a local job working with a medium.

Figuring any ghost will be much more interested in the medium than her, Lorna is hoping for a peaceful time, organizing paperwork and trying to sort out her own ghostly problem.

Her peace lasts about ten minutes, before an angry ghost appears and accuses Lorna's new boss of murder!

Without Helen by her side, and things with Zach strained, Lorna feels alone and out of her depth.

When a second killing takes place, she realizes time is running out before the killer strikes again. When they do, they could be looking in her direction.

In a house full of ghost animals, a parakeet with an attitude, and restless human spirits, Lorna is busier than she's ever been.