The School of Exorcists Series

A complete YA paranormal adventure and romance series. You can get the first book in this series for free, or buy the complete six book box set for a greatly reduced price.

The School of Exorcists - box set (books 1-6)

YA paranormal romance and adventure

At the request of readers, a complete box set of the books in the series is now available. That's over 1,000 pages of magic, the undead, adventure, romance and ghosts in a single, giant book!

For a limited time, the box set is on special offer, saving you 35% off individual book prices, whilst giving you access to some magical stories.​

Here's what readers have to say about the series:

"The story is compelling and gripping, some might say Hogwarts for Exorcists but it’s way more than that. The characters are colourful and the dialogue flows perfectly."

"I really felt I was part of the school, it had me gripped from the very first sentence."

"A world full of power and magic, so believable, I wish I was a Sender, too, well, at least for a day."

​"I would highly recommend this book."

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Initiation: Book One

KE O'Connor YA paranormal The School of Exorcists

Ruby Carmichael, new recruit to The School of Exorcists, wasn't expecting to be told she is meant to save the world from dark magic, whilst falling in love for the first time and preventing her parents from killing her.

As her world shifts from high school dance hell to real life hell, she finds herself the target of powerful forces, not all of them friendly, and has to grow up fast, or die trying.

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Revelations: Book Two

The School of Exorcists YA paranormal romance adventure

The School of Exorcists is growing on Ruby Carmichael. She’s in love and excels in her new classes and she’s about to turn seventeen, an important time for all magic users. False friendships and the temptation of dark magic threaten everything Ruby has grown to love and when she makes a mistake, it threatens her whole world.

​A final tragedy hits and Ruby struggles to survive in the strange and magic laced world of The School of Exorcists.

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Awakening: Book Three

Conversions: Book Four

K E O'Connor author the school of exorcists

Ruby Carmichael faces her biggest challenge to date, battling alongside her friends and loved ones, against her dark magic using enemies.

She meets new magic users and makes new allies in the fight to keep The School of Exorcists safe from harm.

Ruby comes up against a demon, summoned by her parents, and struggles to keep her friends alive and safe against such powerful magic.

Ruby's love life remains complicated, as the curse she has been under is broken. But who does she really love? She's not the only one confused about their love life, and new arrivals at the School give her best friend, Annabel a tricky decision regarding who she wants to be with.

Faced with the heart breaking loss of one of her friends, how will Ruby manage? 

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Subversion: Book Five

K E O'Connor author YA paranormal romance and adventure novel

After losing one of her friends to a demon, Ruby Carmichael fights to bring him back, whilst struggling to control her magic.

With the Professors gone, the School of Exorcists is in chaos, and Ruby and her fellow students are in the middle. With dark magic threatening to overwhelm them, Ruby must take a risk and rely on her magic to find a way to stop it. With her friends distracted by their own problems, Ruby struggles to control her own abilities and stay away from dark magic.

Ruby also has a new enemy. The wealthy and powerful Deveral family have their sights on world domination and think capturing Ruby and giving her to her dark magic using parents is the perfect way to achieve their cruel ambitions.

This adventure breaks darker ground in this action-packed fifth installment.

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Vanquishing: Book Six

As the final battle between light and dark magic looms....

Talented Sender, Ruby Carmichael, faces her greatest challenge yet.

After laying to rest one of her best friends, Ruby faces new problems; a friend who abandons her, a double-crossing ally, dark magic that steals abilities, and the ever present threat from her parents, who are intent on taking over the world and destroying the School of Exorcists.

An encounter with the Deveral family takes Ruby into a new and dangerous realm, where her life is threatened.

With Ruby not knowing who to trust, and the final battle fast approaching, she must take a risk. Failure will mean the end for Ruby, her loved ones and the School of Exorcists.

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