I write across a range of fictional genres, including young adult paranormal romance and adventure, adult urban fantasy, and paranormal cozy mysteries. I have a number of series already complete, with several in development. Scroll down to learn more about each of the series, and see which ones you fancy indulging in!

Lorna Shadow Cozy Ghost Mysteries

Follow Lorna Shadow on her adventures as a PA extraordinaire for the wealthy and upper class. Not only can Lorna type like a ninja, she can also see ghosts! It wouldn't be a problem, but they see her too, and always need her help. Lorna, her best friend, Helen Holliday, and Lorna's faithful furry companion, Flipper, find themselves solving ghostly mysteries, struggling to keep out of trouble, and keep their jobs! Join them in their investigations, try to figure out who done it, and see if ghosts, unsolved murders and love are a good combination.​

cozy ghost mystery K E O'Connor author
cozy ghost mystery book K E O'Connor
Cozy paranormal ghost mystery book
paranormal cozy mystery novel K.E. O'Connor
K.E. O'Connor Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery
K.E. O'Connor Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery
lorna shadow cozy ghost mystery k.e. o'connor author
Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery series

Old Sarum Witch Cozy Mysteries

Explore the world of Old Sarum, a magical community where all magic users are welcome; even the trolls! Meet the Thornheart witches, an ancient and powerful family who live under a troubling curse. Bryony and Ivy Thornheart run the best magic store in the village - The Love Cauldron, and dispense wisdom, spells and kind words. Well, Bryony does, her sister, Ivy, dances to a darker magical drum beat. In each book, the girls help a customer in distress and solve their magical dilemma, while avoiding their own problems when it comes to an overbearing family with a curse and complicated love lives with a half-demon and a fallen angel. There's no place quite like Old Sarum.​

cozy witch mystery book
cozy witch mystery book
cozy mystery book

Zee Town Series - Cozy paranormal murder mystery

Welcome to Cornwall's idyllic haven for placid zombies. If you don't bite, and promise not to feed the zombies, you're welcome to visit. The locals may shamble but the tourists love them! Meet Cassie March, event organiser extraordinaire, who tackles zombies, sun burnt tourists and tricky killers. Zee Town books are a fun, clean read, with a dash of romance, a murder mystery to solve and a three legged dog who will melt your heart. And although there are zombies, these are gore free cozy reads.

The first five books in the series are available now. You will get a free prequel novella, Zombie Tails, when you sign up to the Zee Town newsletter, and the first book is only 0.99!

Click on any of the covers below to find out more about Zee Town cozy mysteries.

Cozy paranormal murder mystery novel
Cozy paranormal murder mystery novel
Cozy paranormal murder mystery novel
Cozy paranormal murder mystery novel
K.E. O'Connor cozy mystery novel

Heir Hunters series - Adult urban fantasy

Join Macie Thackery as she finds her feet in the complicated world of supernatural heir hunting. Where supernatural death is her livelihood.

This brand new adult urban fantasy series launched in May 2016. Blood Hunted is free, so you can try out the series before you buy. And, if you sign up to the series newsletter, you'll get Gremlin Swayed for free, too!

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K E O'Connor author urban fantasy novels
K E O'Connor author adult urban fantasy novel
K E O'Connor urban fantasy novel
K E O'Connor author urban fantasy book goblins vampires shifters

Ghost Academy Series - YA paranormal adventure

A four book series following the adventures of four new ghosts who have joined the Ghost Academy. Lauren, Charlie, Esmee and Alex realise that their deaths are not the end for them and just the beginning or a series of new and challenging adventures, as they learn how to master their skills as ghosts and resolve some of the issues they left behind when they were alive.

Follow along with the adventures as the ghosts fight against ghost hunters determined to catch them for their own research, the Deviants, a group of renegade ghosts, focused on destroying the Academy and their own internal dilemmas as they try to fit into this strange new world, where death is just the beginning.

All four books are available to download from all e-book retailers. You can try Chosen, book 1 in the series, for free! Click on any of the book covers to find out more!​

YA paranormal adventure novel
Shield YA paranormal adventure novel
Exile YA paranormal book

The School of Exorcists series - YA paranormal adventure and romance

A complete YA paranormal adventure and romance series set at the School of Exorcists, following the adventures of Ruby Carmichael, gifted Sender and Chosen One, destined to save the world from dark magic, or die trying.

Described by readers as Hogwarts for Exorcists, the School and its students face ancient curses, dark magic, demons, the undead and many more challenges, all whilst learning their new skills as trainee Exorcists and trying to pass their exams and survive until the end of each term. 

You can get the first book in this series for free, or buy the complete six book box set for a greatly reduced price. Click on any of the book covers to find out more about the series.

YA paranormal romance and adventure
KE O'Connor YA paranormal The School of Exorcists
The School of Exorcists YA paranormal romance adventure
K E O'Connor School of Exorcists paranormal romance and adventure
K E O'Connor author the school of exorcists
K E O'Connor author YA paranormal romance and adventure novel