Zombie Tails - Zee Town prequel

Cozy mystery novel author K.E. O'Connor

Zombies are everywhere, and Nick Morton is keeping the streets safe and the trouble contained.

Set a year before Nick moves to Zee Town, learn how he met Stool, his faithful dog, and what convinced him Zee Town was where his future lay.

This 15,000 word prequel novella is full of tense excitement and action!

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Zombie Daze - Zee Town, book 1

Cozy mystery novel author K.E. O'Connor

Welcome to Zee Town, Cornwall's haven for placid zombies. The tourists love to visit, and the zombies, well, who knows what goes on behind those dead eyes!

Things are going great for Cassie March, Zee Town's tourism manager. She's planning the fifth Zee Town Carnival, her placid zombies are happy, and the sun is shining.

But her blissful life doesn't last. Bert Figgins, a local businessman, is murdered, and all eyes are on the zombies. Cassie finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation headed up by grumpy police sergeant Nick Morton, accompanied by his faithful three-legged dog, Stool.

With the help of her friends, eccentric doctor, Selina, local baker, Laura, and best friend, Jen, Cassie decides to find out who the real murderer is, make sure the zombies aren't blamed, and ensure the Carnival still goes ahead.

Will Cassie keep the Carnival on track, stop Nick picking on the zombies, and find out who the real killer is?

Hearts and Zombies - Zee Town, book 2

Cozy paranormal murder mystery novel K.E. O'Connor author

Valentine's Day means Zee Town is full of loved up couples, red roses, hearts, zombies, and a dead body!

Cassie gets tangled up in a new romance, whilst figuring out who killed one of her zombies!

​To make things worse, zombies are going missing, and Cassie is worried something bad is happening to her beloved placid zombies.

Can Cassie keep the town's love filled events on track, figure out who killed the zombie, and avoid being arrested by the town's grumpy policeman, Nick?

Find out in this fun filled, paranormal mystery, full of dubious suspects, a dollop of fun, and including our lovable three-legged dog, Stool.

Zombie Fling - Zee Town, book 3

Cozy paranormal murder mystery novel K.E. O'Connor author

A scary killer on the loose, a welly throwing competition to arrange, and two complicated men to deal with. The death itself is shocking enough, but when Cassie March discovers the attacker is an out of control zombie, she has a fight on her hands to discover the killer, ensure the town is safe, and keep the tourism office running.

Cassie enlists the help of Archer Rhinehart, Zee Town’s hot border patrol chief. Temptation is never far away when Archer is near, and Cassie can’t get distracted by his muscles as she puzzles through the suspects.

Nick Morton, Zee Town’s surly cop, and his faithful three-legged dog Stool, are also on Cassie’s case, but this time, Nick asks for her help. Could he be warming to our intrepid sleuth? With the annual welly throwing competition coming up, Cassie must juggle suspects, an event plan, a dead tourist, the interfering Council, and stay on the right side of the law.

Spring Fling is a cozy paranormal read, full of mystery, shambling zombie suspects (gore free, I promise), a splash of romance, and a sprinkling of humour.

Candyfloss and Zombies - Zee Town book 4

K.E. O'Connor cozy mystery novel

A new job, a zombie themed park, and a dead body! It's just another day in Cassie March's hectic life in Zee Town.

Having been strong-armed into taking a position at the new Zee Town theme park, Cassie grudgingly gets the park ready for a spectacular opening. That is until a body is found on the Ghoul Train!

With the Zee Town Council keeping a close eye on the new park, and the murder, Cassie is under pressure to find the killer and fast.

​Add in the stress of a date with the town's surly cop, Nick Morton, and Cassie's stress levels go crazy.

Candyfloss and Zombies is a cozy paranormal read full of mystery, suspects, a hint of romance, and puzzles to solve. Join Cassie in finding out who the killer is and just how bad the new theme park is! Hint, the teacups are called 'The Terrifying Teacups!'