Get your FREE copy of Revelations: book two in The School of Exorcists series- an exciting YA paranormal adventure and romance.

The School of Exorcists YA paranormal romance adventure
YA paranormal romance and adventure

A complete box set of the books in the series is now available. That's over 1,000 pages of magic, the undead, adventure, romance and ghosts in a single, giant book!

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Here’s was readers have to say about the series:

"The story is compelling and gripping, some might say Hogwarts for Exorcists but it’s way more than that. The characters are colourful and the dialogue flows perfectly."

"I really felt I was part of the school, it had me gripped from the very first sentence."

"A world full of power and magic, so believable, I wish I was a Sender, too, well, at least for a day."

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